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Wake Up With The Next Great Notre Dame Quarterback, Tyler Buchner

Get to know the name, Tyler Buchner. Actually, it doesn't matter. You'll be forced to know the name soon enough because the kid will be slammed down your throat every week with Notre Dame at the top of the polls. Brian Kelly has done an unbelievable job building and restoring Notre Dame. He's put together quality NFL players at virtually every position. The Irish have perennial first round picks on the O-line. They've had big time talent at every level of the defense. The one area where they have been behind some of the other top programs is at quarterback. That is about to change. Tyler Buchner looks like the real deal 

California has moved their HS football season to start in December so this might be the last highlight package for Buchner until he's at Notre Dame because he is set to enroll early in January 2021 which would give him a real shot at being the next QB1 for the Irish after Ian Book graduates. Tyler Buchner, too early to tell if he will win two Heismans or just one but the undefeated blog will practically write itself.