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Friendly Reminder That Could Potentially Ruin Your Day: Jim Boylen Is Still Head Coach Of The Chicago Bulls

NBC-  Boylen is under contract for two more seasons. Ownership likes him... Unless a proven, decorated entity is available, such a change would be a hard sell at a time when the team’s main source of revenue has dried up and no formal group activities are occurring. Such a move also would start the clock on Karnisovas’ tenure at a time when all signs point to essentially the same roster returning, and the new executive and Eversley both saying they plan to take their time to assess the roster.

So Karnisovas has chosen the route to empower Boylen and his staff for now. 

Management has sought Boylen’s input on player development strategies, according to sources. There have been discussions regarding the draft and free agency. Boylen has watched voluntary workouts at the Advocate Center with Karnisovas and Eversley, and they’ve dined together as well.

Definitely worth a full read if you're one of the 8 diehard Bulls fans left in this city. It's a good look at why Karnisovas hasn't immediately fired Boylen which is basically the complete opposite of what everyone expected when the move was made official.  Alternatively you could just stick your head up the butcher's ass and take his word for it. Or is it the Bulls ass? 

Either way, the major takeaway is that the Bulls' new boss AK won't make a move until he knows he needs to. With the Bulls on the outside of the 2020 playoffs and every subsequent notable date pushed off indefinitely, it makes zero sense to start making hardline decisions for the organization. There's major uncertainty about revenue, 2021 season start day, integrating a fall draft and if they'll even finish this season. In other words AK has little leverage to make the biggest decision of his early tenure, so he's going to sit on Boylen. 

Even so, that doesn't make it any easier to think about Boylen and AK drawing plays together on a cocktail napkin on the Chicago Cut patio. I get circumstances suck but even worse is Jim Boylen's ability to motivate and manage a roster of NBA players. The mere chance that he could influence AK and sway himself into the last 2 years on his deal *actually* makes me nauseous. It's about time for the MICKEY MOUSE CLUB at 1901 W. Madison come to an end and we're all riding shotgun next to AK while he drives us there. 

I know I opened with a shitty reminder so let me close with a good one. Karnisovas is an absolute savage in the front office. You don't get to his level without being exceptionally capable, and common sense says an exceptionally capable person would be smart enough to pick his own head coach. Unless of course AK wants to go completely against the Bulls' grain and actually tank a fucking season one time instead of playing to the 8 seed. If that's the goal then by all means... Jim Boylen... come on back home.