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Kevin Garnett Is Going To Save The Timberwolves


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I want you to take a second and picture what life is like as a Minnesota Timberwolves fan. Think of everything they have had to endure as a fanbase since they became a franchise in 1989. To set the tone, this is where I inform you that they did not win more than 30 games until their 8th year in existence. Pain and suffering, that's what created your average Timerwolves fan. Then this happened

And within one (1) season their fans saw a team that won 40 games. The most in franchise history up until that time. Not only that, but they made their first playoff appearance ever. Think of the elation for those poor bastards freezing their balls off in what's basically the arctic. KG and Steph were going to be the future, two absolute studs that fans probably thought would carry them to the top of the mountain. Then imagine never getting past the first round for the next 6 seasons. Marbury was gone by the 2000 season and KG carried this team. 

Enter the magical 2003-04 season. KG won the MVP, the Wolves won 58 games. This was the year, they were finally going to do it. They survive Game 7 in the second round against the Kings 83-80 with KG throwing up 32/20/4/5 (!!!!!!!!!!!!). That elation was short lived, with the Wolves losing to the Lakers in 6. Yes those Lakers, the ones who couldn't beat the Pistons.  Remember, this fanbase knows pain so of course MIN lost Game 1 at home. They then lost Game 4 by seven, Game 5 by two, and Game 6 by six. Woof.

Then a period as dark and cold as the Minnesota winter hit this franchise. Terrible draft pick after terrible draft pick, it was eating KG inside 

Their fans then had to handle Kevin McHale hooking up his old pal Danny Ainge (Big Al was legit though) and immediately watching Kevin Garnett win a ring with a different franchise. Meanwhile, the Wolves are winning games in the teens and wouldn't win over 27 games without KG until the 2012 season. Then Flip Saunders passes. More seasons missing the playoffs, and then a prayer happens. 

Enter Jimmy Butler. He leads them to their greatest season in 14 years. Of course they lost in the first round, he then bolted for PHI/MIA not too long after. Eventually they traded Wiggins. Now everything is riding on KAT never leaving and DLo sliding in as a new age KG/Steph.

So you see, if there is anyone on the planet that can turn this thing around for the people of Minnesota, it's Kevin Garnett. I know he has beef with the current owner, my college buddies from MIN tell me he hates his guts, but come on. This has to be KG's team. It might be the only thing that can get the Wolves out of the darkness. I don't care what his stake is, nobody is rejecting any idea KG has. Imagine that scene? Frankly I'm excited for him to sign Rondo in the next few years, that's going to be crazy to watch.

I think any Minnesota stoolie will agree with me here. The only option should be Kevin Garnett. Case closed.