This Squid Video Is Drugs In Visual Form

You can watch this video on repeat for about 3 hours and still might be mind blown after your 5,000th watch.  How the hell does this thing exist on Earth?  There are so many things we see repetitively in our lives and get used to, and then you see some shit like this and it makes you feel like you have barely seen anything at all.  This video makes me question how much more there is that we honestly have no idea about.  

Squid remain some of the craziest creatures on this planet and maybe the most unlike everything we see up here on land.  I mean holy SHIT look at this video! 

Look at this thing attack the diver!  Straight up alien shit.

We need to pay more attention to squid as a population.  They aren't as accessible for someone to witness so they get extremely underrated as far as wild things that the average person should care about.