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I Love The Astros Pitching Coach Covering His Mouth With His Hand So Nobody Can See What He's Saying



I absolutely love this. Made me grin ear to ear. Some habits will never die. Some things are just ingrained in your head forever, like a robot. And that goes double for old man pitching coaches. These baseball lifers who have been in the game for 6 decades. You think Brent Storm, born in 1948, can just magically *not* cover his mouth with his hand when talking to a pitcher? He's Pavlov's dog. If he's on a mound, his hand is firmly in front of his face. Plus, you never know with these masks. Technology has advanced so much and his is fitting awfully tight around his mouth, it's possible you can get an inkling of what he's saying if you look close enough. Definitely better safe than sorry if you ask me.