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This Counts As A Kiss In 2020


What does that guy mean "This can not be real"? Of course it's real, and it's beautiful! Just a man and his woman, slumming it up in Ocean City, tonguing each other through their masks. I think it'd adorable. If you have to keep your mask on inside, which in most places you do, but still get the hankering for some love making, what else are you gonna do? Sure you could scurry away to the bathroom, but not everyone wants to get down and dirty on a dimly lit toilet that smells of old seafood and regurgitated Natty Boh. Some of us aren't so picky (sup), but these two mask kissers are a notch above, for which that I respect.

I'm glad this got caught on film. I think the camera guy thought he was totally owning them, but I think they now have a wonderful moment caught on tape to show their divorce lawyers 3-5 years down the road. But for now, I think it's just great.

Reminds me of this classic scene from Malcolm in the Middle when the house had to be fumigated because Dewey kept leaving food in the crawlspace, but Hal and Lois wanted to smash. You do what you can! Plus, many people say he later used this very technique to produce methamphetamine.