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Do we have a vaccine? No. 

Do we have an NFL return to play plan? No.

Do we feel good about anything...n...yes. Yes we do. We have a Hardknocks Trailer. That music. That B-roll of sprinklers and sunrises and dudes sweating bullets running down on punt coverage. That 48 second clip right there did things to me. It made me feel things that I haven't felt in months. Seeing a spiral soaring through the air made me all tingly. We didn't even have Liev Schreiber voice and it still made me all warm. This is exactly what we needed. This is a promise of better days ahead and the NFL is coming back to provide it. And that first taste of the NFL is always Hardknocks. It doesn't matter that there is literally NOTHING compelling about the Rams or Chargers. It is football and it will be on TV so I will watch it. Can't wait.