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My Favorite Robin Williams Moment

Today Robin Williams would've turned 69 years old. In memory of him and it being his birthday I wanted to share one of my favorite Robin Williams clips from Good Will Hunting.

 This is my second favorite movie, right behind the departed, and something about being from Massachusetts makes me like this movie even more. I love the Boston accents. 

Robin Williams won the best supporting actor award for this movie in the 1998 Oscars and it was definitely well deserved. He plays the role perfectly and he makes the movie so great. This was the first academy award that he ever received. 

The clip that I really wanted to share, which I assume most of you have probably seen since it's quite a popular clip is this one from Good Will Hunting. 

Something very cool that makes me love this clip so much is that in this clip when he talks about his wife farting at night you will notice that the camera is sort of shaking. Apparently that was improv and Robin Williams completely blind sided the whole cast with that joke. The camera man was laughing so hard that the camera started shaking. 

Happy Birthday Robin Williams.