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Jon Rahm's Whoop Band Tracked His Heart Rate When He Chipped In On 16 At The Memorial And The Results Are Fantastic

I'm addicted to these clips. They're just such a cool way to use technology and I want to see as many as possible. Last week we had the Whoop band tracking JT's heart rate when he canned that 50-footer against Collin Morikawa and now we've got Jon Rahm's heart rate when he chipped in for birdie on 16 and essentially sealed his victory. And yes, I will forever be referring to it as a birdie and not a bogey because it's PREPOSTEROUS that he got a two stroke penalty for that bullshit. Such bullshit. You know another time I'd love to see Rahm's heart rate? When he slammed his driver on 11 in a fit of rage. That heart had to PUMPING with anger at that moment. In fact, I want to be able to follow along with Jon Rahm's heart rate all the time. That feels like the next natural step for these Whoop bands, tracking the heart rates of golfers live on the broadcast. We have shot-by-shot trackers, why not live heart rate trackers? All the players are wearing them now so the data is there. Oh and by the way, Rahm is wearing the Whoop band on his bicep. So many people were screaming, "WHERE'S THE DEVICE??? HUH? WHERE IS IT? FAKE DATA!" last week after the Justin Thomas clip.