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Remember The 16-Year-Old Russian Soccer Player That Was Struck By Lightning And Went Into A Coma 2 Weeks Ago? Well He's Already Back Playing On The Pitch

Two Weeks Ago:


The Sun- A teenage goalkeeper who was left in a coma after being struck by lightning on the pitch is incredibly ready to play football again. Russian Ivan Zaborovsky was hit in the chest by a thunderbolt as he kicked the ball while training alone, with the incident incredibly caught on camera.

He was put in a coma fighting for his life following the incident in the city of Orekhovo-Zuevo, east of Moscow. Speaking at the time his girlfriend Yelena told Podyem media: "He regained consciousness but due to a strong painful shock he had to be put back into a coma. “He has a scar around his neck where the lightning hit his chain, and… his lung was damaged.

Is #SoccerTough a thing? Because while I used to dismiss soccer players as anything but orange-sucking floppers, I have grown to respect the participants of the Beautiful Game after becoming a footie fan in quarantine and I'd rather not give this kid too much credit for shaking off a lightning strike that appeared to vaporize him simply because he has Russian blood pumping through his electrified veins. Not to the level of NHL or NFL players. But anybody that can take a zillion volts through the system, go into a coma, and be ready to play in less than three weeks time can play for any of my teams any day of the week. 

Luckily, Ivan's team agreed and they locked him up to his first pro deal.

"If you can survive a lightning strike through the soul, you can survive a couple of soccer balls kicked in your general direction- Russian Proverb" - Patches O'Houlihanov