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Chris Jones Agreed To A Deal With The Chiefs Because Patrick Mahomes Texted Him 'He Left Money On The Table' After Accepting $500 MILLION

Yeah, I get that Chris Jones is a great player and important to the Chiefs defense, but the reason I want to blog this is the absurdity of the comment. Don't get me wrong, I get how deals are structured and Mahomes had it more backloaded, etc. The fact is the deal is still worth 500 MILLION DOLLARS. That's just so much goddamn money. And hearing someone say that he left money on the table for Chris Jones to sign just sounds so absurd. 

This isn't even a knock against Mahomes. He's clearly worth this sort of money. He's the one guy everyone on the Internet agreed the 10-year deal with $500 million is worth it. No one batted an eye, because of all the shit he's done on the field. I will say it's kinda crazy that we're at $500 million deals. I remember when people would lose their shit over $100 million and it doesn't seem that long ago. We're talking about a half of BILLION right now and that's still wild to fully think about it. 

Like I said, getting Jones back is huge for the Chiefs defense. The dude is coming off a year with 9 sacks, a year after getting 15.5. He's incredibly disruptive from the DT spot and with the Chiefs defense, that's very much needed. Still getting a text from Mahomes that he left money on the table after $500 million is laugh out loud ridiculous.