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Fans Will Be Able to Cheer and Boo From the MLB App and the Crowd Noise Will Be Mimicked In-Stadium

While there won't be any fans in the crowds for Major League Baseball games this season, MLB announced last week that every stadium will use virtual crowd noise from MLB The Show. And apparently with the virtual crowd noise will be an option within the MLB app to say who you're cheering for in the game and the noise will be reflected by the amount of fans for each team.

So are home teams who have more opposing fans "in attendance" going to be forced to have the virtual crowd noise cheering for the opposing team? Because that would be awesome.

We all thought this season would be an advantage for the Marlins, having played in front of near-empty stadiums for years. But if the Marlins' presentation staff has to match the crowd noise to whoever has more fans on the app, they're going to be playing 60 road games this season.

And maybe this will give us all some sort of outlet to — at least virtually — boo the Houston Astros. We were robbed of seeing those cheating assholes get what was coming to them in every ballpark they visited this season, so at least this is some sort of consolation.

It's going to be a very different season, but at least it's baseball.

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