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0/10 Would Hate To Be A Backup Goalie Forced To Get Shelled By Shea Weber Clap Bombs In Practice

Send me to Chicago where I'm just getting turned inside out by Kane all practice. Send me to Toronto where I'm getting picked apart by a Matthews wrister every day. Heck, even send me to New York where I have to be worried about getting run over by Chris Kreider all day. But for the love of god, please do not force me to be a 3rd string goalie in Montreal where I'm literally just standing in net to be target practice for a patented Weber Bomb. 

Poor Michael McNiven is just standing between the pipes getting the Goldberg treatment. 


You've got Shea Weber winding up from the top of the circles looking to put that puck through his skull before it hits the back of the net, and he's got no other choice but to just stand there and soak it. Still made the save though, and at the end of the day that's really all that matters. 

And speaking of Habs goalies, it sounds like Carey Price has figured out the perfect plan to limit the damage done by Crosby and Malkin in this upcoming series. 

Might need to be a little more forceful with Malkin, but I could see this working on Sid.