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The New Hawks Jerseys Are White Hot Fire Flames

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Now this is what I'm talking about! I think we can all agree here that the Hawks knocked this out of the park right? This new look is about 100000000x better than what we previously saw this team wear. That shit was too futuristic and modern and frankly terrible. That may have been OK when nobody was watching the Hawks, but now that they have two studs in Trae Young and John Collins and are moving from maybe being on NBATV every once in a while to getting ESPN games on the regular, they needed an upgrade. I wouldn't say they had the worst look in the league (looking at you lime green TWolves), but it wasn't great. 

Everyone knows that the throwback look plays. There are a bunch of franchises in the league that should just rock their throwback look on a permanent basis. The Hawks know this and I love how they found a way to incorporate their old school look and update it in a way that it all still works. I sort of get a Houston Rockets alternate look with that red and yellow one, a look I find to be quite good. 

The million dollar question now becomes will these jerseys fix a god awful defense that couldn't stop a nosebleed? Hard to say. But I am someone who subscribes to the "look good, feel good, play good" mantra so at the very worst this has to propel the Hawks into contending for at least the 8 seed. They somehow find a way to play league average defense and I'll be willing to go up a seed or two. 

If I'm a Hawks fan this is exactly what I want to see during this franchise's rebuild. Sure you could have had Luka which hurts a little bit, but Trae is a stud, they have good young players, a front office that seems to know what it's doing, a shit ton of cap space coming in the next few years and now a look people will actually respect. Now it's time to ya know....start winning.