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Dwight Howard Hopped On Instagram And Questioned Why He Needs To Wear A Mask In Orlando, Could Get Kicked Out Of The Bubble

[Source] - Days after receiving a warning for not wearing a face covering in common areas at the NBA campus, Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard continued to question the need for a mask inside the league's so-called "bubble" in Orlando, Florida.

According to the NBA's health and safety protocol, the league has the right to enforce disciplinary action -- from a warning, to a fine, suspension or even removal from campus -- if a player is not adhering to the guidelines for the season restart in Orlando.

And this is exactly why so many people fucking hate Dwight Howard. Just don't be a dick, dude. We got a good thing going in bubble life. ZERO people tested positive with the last round of testing. It's almost like bubble life, protocols - including masks - are all working correctly. Seems like maybe we should keep doing that so we can all watch basketball again. But nope, Dwight's gotta be Dwight and make jokes and refuse to wear a mask. Remember this dude already got the snitch line called on him: 

Maybe they are just trying to tell you something dude, like wear your mask. It's not that big of a deal. It's a fucking mask. Just put it on and then go play hoops. Shit, you're competing for a damn NBA title! The Lakers are one of the favorites to win and you're actually playing a role in that. You'd think you want to do anything possible to keep that going and finally get your ring. 

That said, I'm cheering for Dwight to get kicked out of the bubble now. That's the content missing is someone getting escorted out like The Bachelor with Trent dragging his luggage behind him. LeBron's complaining then while Kuzma just tries to find a way to sneak a girl in. That's what I want with the Lakers now. Give me that. 

Oh and if there was any doubt, of course Dwight his an anti-vaxxer: 

"Do I believe in vaccinations?" Howard said. "No, I don't. That's my personal opinion, but no, I don't."

Just further proof you can't trust fucking snake people. If you own a snake you need to be put on a list and sent to the goddamn moon. Easiest way to tell the craziest person in the room. 

If you want to watch, here's Dwight's complete insane rant: