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Charles Barkley And Draymond Opened Their New Show Talking About Why They Can't Stand Each Other, Shockingly Draymond Actually Makes Sense

Alright so yesterday was the debut of this new show with Draymond and Charles Barkley. I was interested in it because, well, Draymond and Chuck hate each other. Obviously they had to address it right away and I'll say Draymond actually makes ... sense? The fact that people will just listen to Barkley or Shaq because they are names that casual fans know and people can run with makes a ton of sense. The majority of people aren't watching a game knowing schemes and gameplans and who actually needs to rotate where, etc. So if a guy like Chuck or Shaq starts roasting a dude, you could lose money. 

He brings up JaVale McGee and it's true. McGee became a joke mostly because Shaq kept going at him: 

Shit, McGee got his life figured out and career figured out where he knew his role and was successful, yet we still make McGee jokes. So, yeah, in a way and it's just one of the numerous reasons why, Shaq did cost McGee some extra money. And I know, he's still a millionaire, yada, yada, yada. But money is money. 

Now I wish they really went at each other here. There's still animosity you can tell it in the way they talk. Chuck will still gets his jokes off, but I really wanted them to be like 'yeah I can't stand you.' Part of I think is the fact they are compared to each other as players due to being undersized power forwards but Chuck is still in a different tier and it's not close to Draymond. 

Give me this version of Chuck: