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We've Got Full Blown Crazy Kanye On Twitter Right Now

It started at 9:49 PM on Monday night with the two tweets above. Unsure why he showed screenshots of Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry Google results. 

Maybe because Google showed a bio for Jennifer Lawrence (white) and news about Halle Berry (black)? Anyways, that was just the appetizer:

I guess CalmYe is Kris Jenner's new boyfriend?

Pretty funny for Kanye to call that guy the calm version of himself. 

Then stuff got prettttyyyyy serious:

Gotta love the intermission inbetween Kanye and Kim's marriage falling apart to have Kanye discuss his beef with Shia Lebouf. 

Kanye West. The weirdest texter ever. 

Didn't see the Bill Cosby take coming. I for sure didn't see the Bill Cosby take coming. 

Kanye is obviously going through something right now. I know he's been open about his mental health struggles in the past. I hope he finds the peace he's looking for soon.