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At 10:59PM Whisper "The Moon Landing Is Fake" Into A Mirror 3 Times And See What Happens

July 20, 1969 10:59 PM - The Eagle had landed. Neil Armstrong, then Buzz Aldrin were the first humans to set foot on the moon.

Now July 20th is the one day of the year if you lock yourself in the bathroom, turn out the lights, and whisper into the mirror 3 times ... the moon landing is fake, the moon landing is fake, the moon landing is fake ... 

90 year old Buzz Aldrin will pop out to cold cock you square in the jaw. 

To celebrate the moon landing I watched the 2019 documentary Apollo 11. The documentary doesn't have a big reveal, or shine light onto a new moon conspiracy, BUT it does have the complete footage of Buzz, Neil, and Michael Collins journey from Cape Canaveral, to the moon, and back. I had no idea this much footage from 1969 existed, especially completely crystal clear HD footage. Other than looking good as hell, this doc lays out readings and measurements from the cockpit to give a POV shot of the mission to make you feel like you're there. 

You don't even have to be a fan of space to enjoy this documentary. Like Planet Earth, you can just get high, sit back, and marvel at the world for a minute. 

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