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The NBA's Bubble Is Working!!!

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Listen I'll take any sort of positive news right now and this right here is about as positive as it gets (no pun intended but intended). We have scrimmages about to start any day now and according to Shams a total of zero players have tested positive for coronavirus after their most recent round of testing. It's obviously still early in this whole process, but it appears the bubble is working no? The daily testing, the rules and regulations, we could have very well had a disaster on our hands as soon as everyone showed up at the bubble. That first few weeks were going to be a doozy, so it's great to see that up until this point things are going exactly like we all hoped.

This is why it's even more important that everyone follows the rules and I'm sorry Ja Morant but if you have to snitch you gotta snitch when it comes to public health. We can't go backwards now. With this positive trend, I can't help but feel optimistic that this whole thing might actually work out. It was certainly no guarantee that things would unfold this way, just look at the MLS, but so far it looks like everything the league has done to ensure a safe environment is passing with flying colors.

Of course, things can change. This is a situation that nobody has had to deal with before. Let's see how things look when we're like 5 weeks in and guys start sneaking girls into the bubble. Or when families start to arrive during the playoffs. By no means are we out of the woods yet, far from it, but like I said at this point with basketball so close to being back in our lives again I'll take any positive news I can get.

Adam Silver (and Keith Smith who came up with this whole idea) didn't cave, was confident in the league's plan and early returns are what I would call pretty ideal. If that doesn't get you excited well you very well might be a dead person. 

To celebrate this good news, here's a reminder of what is coming our way before you know it