Steven Adams Doesn't Mind Living In The Bubble Because 'It's Not Syria, Mate. It's Not That Hard. We're Living In A Bloody Resort.'

Steven Adams is just one of the best dudes to interview in the NBA. He always drops some sort of ridiculous line and then at the same time has that New Zealand accent so it's even funnier. Even this, adding mate after saying it's not Syria makes me laugh. Just the literal giant of a human being telling everyone to shut the fuck up and remember they are at a resort. Since people have shown up to the bubble - really just the quarantine portion of it - we've heard a bunch of complaints. 

But Steven Adams is one of SEVENTEEN siblings. Always outrageous to type that in any Steven Adams blog. You think he cares about being in the bubble? Hell no, he's pumped up to go hang out with people from the other teams. He's treating it like adult basketball camp and just having a hell of a time. He doesn't even care about the dry food. The man is just there to play hoops and hang out. My kinda guy. 

But remember, this is how Steven Adams prepared for the bubble: 

Like I said, the dude is a quote machine: 

I want nothing more than Steven Adams and Boban to hang out. Actually, I want to see Steven Adams in the shotgun challenge first. There's no way he loses to Meyers Leonard or Jordan Clarkson. He's gotta be the best drinker in the league, no doubt about it. But if he and Giannis both say bubble life ain't that bad, bubble life ain't that bad. 

I still can't believe Draymond kicked him in the dick. 

PS: It's also his birthday, which means I think it's required to post his transformation on the Internet. It's almost like dudes look different from 7-8 years ago, even if he looks like a different person: