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Missing Pup Traveled Almost 60 Miles Across State Lines To Find Her Home

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (if you haven't seen the movie, I'm genuinely sad for you) taught us many valuable life lessons, but the most important lesson of all was that nothing will stand in the way of a dog and his journey home. Not mountains, rivers, bears, or mountain lions. 

Not even father time. 

Shadow's goodbye to Chance was so devastating, my tears completely flooded my eyeballs, bascially making me momentarily blind. And just as I was beginning to regain my vision, Shadow popped his little head over the hill and started limping his way towards his boy. I LOST IT. Honestly, it might be the greatest love scene in the history of cinema. Shadow made you believe that a pup's love for his person is so strong, it can make him capable of absolutely anything. Even turning the clock back. 

So yeah - without question - if your dog gets lost, his love will bring him back to you. (credit: CNN)

After Cleo the 4-year-old Labrador went missing, her owners found her somewhere they didn't expect: At home.

Except that it was the family's previous home in Lawson, Missouri, rather than their home in Olathe, Kansas. 

The family hadn't lived in their Kansas home for nearly two years, but Cleo made her way back to its porch, where the new homeowner found her.

"My wife and I had just gotten home from work... Cleo was laying on the front porch at the front door, just laying there, waiting for somebody it seemed like." Cleo wasn't wearing a collar, so he [Michael, the new homeowner ] had Cleo scanned for a microchip. Thankfully she had one and it pulled up the name of her owner.

"That's when my wife pointed out that their last name was the same last name as the previous owner of the house," Michael said. So he went onto Facebook and searched the owner's name and saw that his family had posted that their dog went missing a week earlier.

This is actually amazing. Cleo is only 4 so she's basically spent an equal amount of time in both houses, and yet, the moment she needed to find her way home, she made the decision to go back to her childhood home. Maybe her new home doesn't have all the good smells of her old home? Or maybe she remembered a bone she left buried behind? Either way, I don't think it's a good sign that she would rather cross state lines and journey to her old home than head to her much closer, current home. 

Door to door, Cleo would have had to travel 57 miles from her current home in Kansas to her previous home in Missouri, according to CNN affiliate KMBC. And neither family knows how she made the trip, considering the fact that she would have had to cross a river or a bridge rushing with heavy traffic to get to the house.

Yeah, something is definitely up with the new house. It can't be the owners because they lived in the old house and Cleo would make that connection, so it has to be the house. Dogs are smart and know things humans can't possibly know; she probably ran away so they would think something was up. If I were them, I would start doing a little research before the Poltergeist starts fucking with my family and sucks my house up. 

But for now, congratulations to Cleo's family for selling their old house to a lovely, intelligent couple and, more importantly, for having such an incredible good girl. 

"It just feels really good to be reunited with her," Drew, Cleo's owner, told KMBC. "Really, she's everything to us."