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The Latest In The Antonio Brown Saga: He Just Announced His Retirement On Twitter

Wow, what a crazy turn of events that absolutely everybody saw coming! Antonio Brown is hanging them up at 32 years old and definitely won't be catching passes from some random quarterback which causes that quarterback's fanbase to freak out about signing a superstar that will probably never play a down for their team. I personally had Instagram as the social media site that Antonio would break the news, but Twitter was a comfortable 2nd place with Tik Tok being a very close 3rd. 

If I had to guess Antonio's next move, I would think he is either announcing he is running for President. HOWEVAH, you have to be 35 to run for President. So cross that off the list of things people who may be a little off and are looking for attention do while the rest of the world wonders if the players who actually play will have a season this year.

By the way, that Raiders Hard Knocks feels like no less than 100 years ago let alone 11 months ago. Crazy to think AB went from the guy demanding a trade from Pittsburgh to the guy with the blonde mustache to Mr. Big Chest to the next crazy Raider story to the next crazy ex-Raider story the latest example of the Patriots playing chess to out of the league to retired in pretty much a year with a gaggle of lawsuits sprinkled in. Mike Tomlin deserves a statue built outside of Heinz Field for keeping whatever happened before that inside Heinz Field.