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This "Magnum P.I." Clip Might Be The Craziest Thing To Air On TV During The '80s

"Magnum P.I." is one of those '80s shows that I saw most episodes of but don't have any sort of encyclopedic recall like I do with others of the era. I'd watch it with the old man but as a young kid, a private dick show wasn't exactly in my wheelhouse. Still, I know that the studly Tom Selleck became a TV icon thanks to his de facto uniform of a Hawaiian shirt, Detroit Tigers lid, and epic flavor saver.

And I remember that stuffed-shirt Higgins had Dobermans named Zeus and Apollo. And that Magnum's buddy T.C. was the official helicopter pilot of the Vancouver Canucks. 

"Magum P.I" also doubled as a PR campaign for the Hawaiian Islands and no doubt was responsible for many vacations and honeymoons.

But I have ZERO recollection of the batshit craziness above. What the fuck is even going on there? Maybe I saw it in the '80s and repressed it? But I don't see why my brain would hide away such awesomeness in the recesses of my brain. 

I guess we can just chalk it up to being a product of the cocaine '80s (not to be confused with the cocaine '70s). We should be thankful that we got one of the all-time TV themes out of it as well.