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Warner Bros Has Created A New Superhero For Their Employees: The Snitch

DEADLINE - Warner Bros has created an anonymous reporting mechanism in Europe so that cast and crew can alert senior managers if they witness colleagues breaking Covid-19 safety protocols during production.

Warner Bros, which is edging closer to getting blockbusters Fantastic Beasts and The Batman back into production in the UK after a months-long filming hiatus, has introduced the reporting tool as a way to encourage best practice on set.

Let me first say, there are few things in life more important to me than loyalty. Regardless of what happens, you protect those you love and respect and you take their secrets with you to the grave, even if that means you occasionally take the hit for them. In fact, even if you don't necessarily love or respect an individual, if they're a part of your family, friend group, or community and they aren't hurting anyone, you keep your mouth closed because your loyalty is to the group as a whole.

However, when their actions could hurt someone and put the group as a whole in danger, that's when you start talking. First to them, out of respect. But if they refuse to listen and carry on with their foolishness...

You better write that shit down before you forget the details and tell someone! There is no honor or pride in standing by and watching someone hurt an innocent person, for any reason. This was true of those that kept Joe Paterno's secret hidden for as long as they did and, on a very different spectrum, it's true of those who say nothing when the morons they work with can't be bothered to wear a mask and follow safety protocols that protect the health and well-being of everyone. 

Obviously, the observational situations are very different, but the consequences of not following safety regulations could literally be deadly. Not to mention our entire world as we know it has been completely altered because of the lack of compliance. So hell yes these people need to be kept in check! 

And you know what keeps people in check? Knowing someone is watching their every move and able to report them - without repercussions - to an anonymous hotline. 

All of a sudden, that hotline is the new Bat-signal and those snitches are the new Batman. (Which frankly may be better than Robert Pattinson as The Batman. Yuck.)  

Kevin Trehy, Warner Bros executive vice president of physical production... added that the company is taking time to listen to crew and has hired safety consultants to assuage concerns.

He added that Warner Bros has become “our own strictest police force” in terms of coronavirus safety protocols, going over and above UK industry guidelines, including those drawn up by the British Film Commission with input from the likes of Bectu.

Not only has Warner Bros created new heroes, they're also listening to their crews, hiring safety experts, and setting their standards above the norm? It's almost as though... they actually care about their employees? 

If only another major industry leader listened, cared, and prioritized the health of his players employees in similar manner...