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3 Days After Promising A Culture Change In Washington, Dan Snyder Has Re-Hired A Yes-Man Slimeball Executive From When The Culture Was At It's Absolute Worst


I saw this tweet and I was extremely confuse. I was like wait...Terry Bateman, I know that name. Why does that name ring a bell? Terry Bateman....Terry Bateman...WAIT...TERRY BATEMAN? The same one??? The same one who  has been in the Redskins organization FOR-EV-ER? No chance. No chance Dan Snyder's plan to move the culture forward would be to re-hire a yes-man executive. That's impossible. But yet...let's read on....



Terry Bateman was Snyder's CMO in 2006! But before that, in the 1990's (the 90's!!!!!!) he was president of Snyder Communications Inc's marketing division!!!! This dude has been a Snyder guy for at least 2 decades!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is incredible. Dan Snyder’s plan to change the culture starts by re-hiring an executive from the exact time the culture was at its worst. He's literally mocking the Washington Post article.




This is nuts. Bananas. Stunning. Snyder. This is who he is. This is what he is. 3 days is all it took him to go back to the old Snyder. 3 days. 


And now we have Bruce Allen pt 2. This is remarkable. I'm actually impressed by how Dan Snyder continues to stun me. After 2 decades he continues to find new ways to stun me. I…I don't even know what he can do next. Just keep the team name? That would be less stunning to be honest. 

Just remarkable. Lil Dan Dan will not quit being Lil Dan Dan. I wouldn't be shocked if Riverboat Ron resigns on a napkin by the end of the day. Maybe we'll bring back Gibbs. Who knows. What a team.



PS: I can't even sell shirts because we don't even have colors/fonts/logos/anything. Just a team in purgatory. Fuck me running.