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Fenerbache - The Biggest Team In Turkey - Put Out A Press Release Saying The Doors Are Shut To Enes Kanter Because They Think He's A Damn Terrorist

[Source] - “The person named Enes Kanter shared on some of his social media accounts first on June 1, 2020 and secondly today with the same sentences.

We would like to inform the public about an issue that he has made twice with the same sentences in a short time, which concerns our club and we need to clarify the purpose of the unknown.

Our club did not have any relationship with this person at this stage or in the future, with this person whose name is mentioned side by side with terrorist organizations and whose behavior has been very well known by our community when he left our club.

Hereby, we would like to state once again that; 

The doors of our club are closed forever to those like him and will remain so.

Jesus Christ. I know it's easy to hate Enes Kanter when he plays for your team and ultimately pisses you off. It happened to most Knicks fans. But then you read things like this and remember he's labeled a terrorist in his home country and other Turkish NBA players won't even talk to him. 

Just think about everything that has happened to Kanter because of how he's talked about Turkey: 

In case you’re unaware of what’s going on. Enes Kanter has publicly against Tayyip Erdogan and supporting Fetullah Gulen, who Turkey views as a terrorist. Therefore Turkey views Kanter as a terrorist. That's why Fenerbache used that terminology when it comes to Enes. Despite the fact that Enes PLAYED FOR Fenerbache in their youth program and even as a reserve for their senior team for a season. 

Shit, it's mostly the reason why he wasn't allowed to play high school ball in the US or for Kentucky. He was ruled ineligible by the NCAA because he received $33,000 in excess benefits from Fenerbache. They literally fucked his college career over - despite how dumb the NCAA is. He already played for them and even put a picture of him playing for them as his profile picture. 

This whole saga between Kanter and Turkey is legit one of the craziest things I can remember involving an athlete. 

PS: This is a perfect response by Kanter