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The NHL Is Worried About Potty Mouth Players So They're Putting Games On A 5 Second Delay Like Idiots

There is only one, ONE, thing to look forward to about NHL playoffs without fans and that is the players talking themselves. That is it. We all want to hear some major fuck bombs at refs, at each other, at coaches. The intensity that starts with shit talking and ends in a melee of face washes, sticks, and fists flying. The NHL's best and least used marketing tool is the players themselves. This is a rare chance to give fans more of an inside look at personalities that make the sport great in the heat of battle and because they're worried about soccer moms and little Timmy hearing a few bad words they're going to deprive everyone of hearing what really goes down on the ice. That is a god damn shame. Fuck, shit, FUCK, cock, balls. That's what the league is afraid of. Fuck outta here, Gary. 

There is a simple solution to this. Give the general public the delayed pre-school censored version on NBC Sports and the basic cable channels. Put the HBO version of the broadcast streamed live with every player mic'd up on NBC's new streaming platform, Peacock. You want new subscribers, give people the chance to hear what guys say to Matthew Tkachuk in front of the net after whistles. Give us Reeves challenging everyone in the arena to a fight. Give us Crosby complaining to the refs. Give us Giroux speaking with his fucking weird ass french canadian accent. I need it all and I will pay for the pleasure of hearing it live in real time