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Night At The Roxbury (FULL MOVIE)

Back when SNL was awesome and relevant, they would turn out skits that were so good they just had to be movies. Blues Brothers. Waynes World. Cone Heads. Night At The Roxbury. Just all the classics and it's what you expected from the heavy hitters at SNL. Now you'd be lucky to get a decent skit worth talking about much a full length feature film. Absolutely disgusts me. 

Anyways we talked a lot about Will Ferrell last week during the Old School vs. Wedding Crashers debate and I'd be a sucker not to come back to this: his first starring role. His actual first on screen debut was the year earlier in Austin Powers International Man Of Mystery around age 30 as Mustafa the assassin. Then came this movie and a couple other cameos before his onscrceen breakout in Zoolander, which I find to be slightly overrated but still good. Maybe that's a different blog for a different day.  But for now, here's 81 minutes (amazing runtime in my opinion) of the late 90's being the late 90's. Only question left is if one of you guys just grabbed my ass? I know your tricks. Feels like you just grabbed it.