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University of Iowa Football Might Be In A LOT Of Trouble

I take pride in being a Northwestern fan because I love Pat Fitzgerald. In a sea of grossness that is college athletics, it's fun rooting for someone who does it "the right way" and focuses on the "student" part of "student athlete" more so than a standard SEC coach or someone like Rick Pitino for instance. That's kind of a huge bitch move on my end, but it's the truth, that's one of the larger reasons why I love NU football so much.

There are/were two other coaches in the B1G that I had similar feelings about. One of them was Mark Dantonio at MSU, and we all have seen what happened to him recently. Another is Lovie Smith at Illinois, though I don't think he's a good coach for college football. 

The third? The third is/was Kirk Ferentz. From an outsider's perspective, he just seemed to be one of the dudes who always did it the right way. But now that this report is out? Yeah, you can basically check him off the list too. I'll describe this report as "not flattering" for now. I'm not going to give an opinion on all of this shit because there are two sides to every story, but I'll leave this here and say "yikes" for now, because it is NOT a good look for Iowa football. 

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