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Alabama Is Afraid To Play Notre Dame In 2020

You really hate to see it. Alabama had a cupcake scheduled for week 1(USC) and since the Pac-12 decided to play conference games only the idea was floated to have Notre Dame step up and take USC's spot in the Kick Off Classic. He here is an actual video of the Alabama AD running to twitter to shoot down this idea

Absolutely gutless by Alabama. One second they say they're not playing ND because they're not going to be doing a makeshift non-conference schedule. Okay. Well then the other rumor floating around as a USC replacement opponent is BYU. Apparently playing a shitty non-con team is fine with Saban and Bama. They just want no part of the Irish in 2020. I don't blame them. The O-Line is coming back, a three year starter at quarterback, a new OC pulling the trigger, big time athletes in the secondary. The uNDefeated blog is going to practically write itself. It would've been tougher to write with Bama on the schedule but the pussy powers that be in Tuscaloosa took care of that problem for us by declining the Irish. Hate to see it. I guess we will just have to wait for the College Football Playoff to get the matchup everyone wants. SMH