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Get Your Week Rolling With A Montage Of Chris Collinsworth Slide Ins

Get it? Rolling? Slide ins? 

I'm sorry guys, that was awful. But with all this talk of the NFL potentially botching the season, I need some positive football moments in my life and Chris Collinsworth awww shucking his dick off on his Excelsior 3000 desk chair seemed like the best video to post considering he's on Token CEO and Pardon My Take this week (always list the CEO's podcast first, aspiring media writers). It may be goofy and it may be played out. But damn if it doesn't give me the feeling of football in my stomach, even if every Sunday Night Football memory I have is needing 16 points from my flex player and somehow sweating it out until the last play every fucking time.

I need that poison back in my life. The Toronto Tavern knows what I'm talking about.