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Draymond Drops Another Quote Talking About How Much He Hates Charles Barkley - Oh, Their New Show Just Happens To Debut Tonight

Oh Draymond Green trying to drag Charles Barkley? You don't say. This is just another quote in a long, long history of quotes between the two who hate each other. That's why I'm going to watch this show on TNT. I have no idea why Barkley is on it since it's not Inside the NBA and it should be a rule, nay a law, that requires Barkley to only appear with Ernie, Kenny and Shaq. But you're giving me Draymond and Chuck? Well, alright. Why you may ask? Let's take a quick trip down memory lane: 

I think you get the point here. These dudes fucking hate each other. It's not an act, it's not just for the show. They legit don't like each other. And obviously we're all on Barkley's side here. I really could just listen to Chuck talk forever. I've said it before but it's kinda crazy there's a generation that only knows him as this crazy guy on TV and not as an MVP of the NBA. It's a lot like how we are with Walton. That said, as long as he keeps entertaining me I'm all in on Chuck. 

Honestly we need to get Wade off this show and just let these two go with Cari Champion as the host. Let her bring up a topic and just lean back and let them go. That's what makes Ernie Johnson so good on Inside the NBA. He knows when to just let Charles and Shaq fight. He know when to step in. It's the best show on television.