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Former UK Player Wenyen Gabriel Fought With Fans On Instagram, Says Coach Cal Cut Him Off After He Told Jaden McDaniels Not To Go To UK

Alright we got ourselves the first person to come out and speak against Coach Cal. Time for me to address it. But first let's take a look at how we got here. It started with an Instagram birthday post from Coach Cal to Bam Adebayo :

Wenyen chimes in wishing he had a birthday post

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 7.47.30 AM.png

He then goes back and forth with fans in the comments saying things such as (h/t KSR)

“He first heard of the screenshot from me, they contacted me to ask if it was real and I immediately texted Cal months before any of y’all found out about it,” he said. “I tried to apologize but got no response. So here we are.”

“I didn’t like playing for him in college,” Gabriel said in another comment. “Then he cut me off after the Jaden situation, so now it is what it is.”

“Before I came to Kentucky, I was a top 15 recruit. When I left I went undrafted…” Gabriel responded.

I say this as someone who really enjoyed watching Gabriel grow during his two years in Lexington. Fuck outta here dude. You can't literally tell a 5-star to go to Washington and expect to be part of the family still. That's not how it works. 

You don't get the benefit of the doubt when you publicly do shit like that. What do you expect? Everyone from Kentucky and the program to welcome you back with open arms as you try to sway Jaden McDaniels away from there? Come on man. You gotta know more than that. 

As for his top-15 ranking to undrafted, that doesn't mean shit. That happens all the time. Recruiting rankings tend to be full of shit anyways because you're talking about guys who tend to be more athletic in high school and overpower kids to then translate a full game to college and/or the NBA. Gabriel started to - obviously he's getting run with Portland now. But his game never looked like a top-15 recruit. He developed as he went throughout the two years, but he decided to go turn pro after his sophomore year.

Now I do hate that some fans roast him, because we're not Duke. We don't force mothers to cry like Coach K. We don't have parents like Wendell Carter's blasting the program after their kid leaves. This is the first time in a decade that someone spoke up about Cal and how he coached him. It happens. Either way, appreciate the seven threes in the SEC Tournament game, Wenyen, but you're out.