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Wake Up With Jackie Bradley Jr Doing His Best Spider-Man Impression

I remember this catch like it was yesterday. Sitting there late night watching the Os and Sox in extras when my buddy, Trey Mancini, gets ahold of one. Im typing out the tweets saying game over, Sox suck, all that stuff. Then I see JBJ make one of the best catches you'll ever see. That's on the Mount Rushmore of catches made in Camden Yards for sure. Bradley Jr skies wayyyyyyyy up there, uses the wall to get up there even more, and right in the face of Brandon Kline and the other members of the Orioles pen, literally snatches victory from the Birds. Trey, being the great guy he is, tips his cap to Jackie as the Orioles (shockingly) would go on to lose in 12. The most amazing part of the catch is how JBJ doesn't even look at the wall. Not even a peek. Just casually sprinting and launching himself off the wall for the robbery. Just an unreal catch that he made look pretty easy.