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Kanye Melts Down At His "Presidential Rally" - Screaming About Aborting His Daughter And Saying Harriet Tubman Never Freed Slaves

Kanye with a complete ricochet shot on poor, dead Harriet Tubman:

"OK we're leaving right now"

SCREAMING how he he wanted to abort his daughter:

TMZ - Kanye West's first presidential rally just wrapped up and he stirred up lots of controversy by discussing Harriet Tubman, abortion and the possibility of divorcing Kim Kardashian West. Ye held his first event as a candidate Sunday at the Exquis Event Center in North Charleston, SC -- and right off the bat … it was unorganized and rowdy. He didn't even have a podium or a microphone to address the crowd, which was right up in his face. At any rate, Kanye rambled through a number of topics -- oftentimes incoherently -- but one thing he said that came through crystal clear … him suggesting that Harriet did NOT free slaves in her day, but just siphoned them off to other oppressive white folks. At one point, Ye launched into a rant about abortion, a woman's choice, etc. -- and he got incredibly emotional recounting a story about his then-girlfriend (now wife) Kim once telling him she was pregnant and how they considered not having the baby.

I guess Kanye is back running for President again? He tweeted he was running, then the news reported he was out, now I guess he's back doing some sort of rally as a presidential candidate in South Carolina. I dunno. No fucking clue what is going on. But this is the video coming out of this catastrophe. A truly bizarre and sad scene. As far as I can see, this is just footage of a mentally ill, horribly misinformed man, attempting to speak on topics which he really isnt qualified to speak on, and having a complete meltdown screaming about trying to abort his daughter. Yikes doesnt even begin to describe it. 

First things first, this is a man who is admittedly mentally unstable. In his music, in his words, in his actions, hes completely owned up to being mentally ill. And so first and foremost, just like anybody suffering through that, you hope he gets the help he needs. Because behavior this erratic…and this confusing…and frankly, this frightening…has me thinking about the Kanye West story might end as tragic as it possibly can if it continues at this rate. Nobody wants that. So hopefully he drops this stupid charade of trying to become President, and drops this idea of running some sort of new religion, and honestly presses pause on everything else - music, clothes, politics, whatever - and just takes care of himself. You ignore issues of this magnitude and it ends tragically for everyone in his family. 

Its almost impossible to imagine thats where the Kanye West story is at right now. The Old Kanye vs New Kanye debate is one thats been going on for years now, and I think its one we can finally put to bed. Kanye and his new age Stans did a good job shaming the "I Miss The Old Kanye" crowd. Kanye disarmed a lot of the haters with I Love Kanye on TLOP, and his fans rode that wave and accused any fans like myself of just being unable to recognize that artists change and evolve. Like Hov said, fans want my old shit? Buy my old albums. And thats fair. If this was just about Kanye's music, and he had morphed from this soulful, genius producer with the occasional clever punchline into this auto tuned, electronica, new age gospel rapper preacher who quite frankly created his own genre of music, that would simply a matter of opinion. If it was just about musical preference, the Old Kanye vs New Kanye critiques really would be a waste of time. Trying to argue over something subjective like that is just silly.

But at this point the Old vs New Kanye goes way beyond music. Its talking about who this dude is at his core. And I dont think theres a single Kanye West fan left who can look at this footage and argue that the guy we see now is better than the one we saw 10, 15 years ago. What started out as this brazen, braggadocios, WWF Superstar-esque rap ego has morphed into full blown mental illness and what was once an entertaining level of weird celebrity behavior has crossed over to a place that absolutely nobody can co-sign. NOBODY. Then you factor in all his stupid misinformed takes on slavery, and politics, and social issues, and now apparently even Harriet Tubman, and theres just nothing left. The guy we all loved - the Louis Vuitton Don, the guy who changed the music landscape and the fashion landscape forever - that dude is gone. The quixotic insecure egomaniac who left you confused in a good way, now leaves you concerned in a frightened way. The guy who was the centerpiece of so many arguments about hip hop and style and entertainment is now just the poster child for letting your money and fame and status tear down everything you built. 

I know mental illness is at the core of this meltdown, but I always think about what would have happened if Donda West was still alive. Theres such a sharp change in the Kanye West story dating back to almost precisely when she died. A dude with his level of ego, insecurities, talent, and money was always going to run the risk of turning into this tragedy, but when his mother died it almost guaranteed he was going to fall victim to the dark side of all those things. Maybe his issues with bi-polar disorder would have always come to the surface, but its like he never even stood a chance keeping them at bay without his mom by his side.

I've argued with so many brainwashed Kanye fans for so many years, I used to long for the day where I could definitively "win" the argument and prove the Old Kanye was better. But now that the day is here, and its gone down the way it has, you can safely say there is absolutely no winner here. Just a sad story for a man, his wife, his kids, and his fans. Maybe something like this is what was needed to finally get Kanye the help he needs. Hopefully thats the case because if this is allowed to continue, theres just no possible ending other than tragedy. 

So lets all hope he gets better so that he can live out his days as a healthy and happy father and husband. Thats the only thing that really matters. The music and style and swagger we all loved is gone, and perhaps if he does get better, the return of those things would be a fortunate, but ultimately insignificant, by-product of him getting the help he needs. For once I finally agree, we need a New Kanye.