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Jack Nicklaus Reveals That He And His Wife Barbara Both Contracted COVID-19 Back In March

WOW. Jack Nicklaus just revealed to Jim Nantz on the CBS broadcast that both he and his wife Barbara contracted COVID-19 back in mid March. Barbara was asymptomatic and Jack said he had a sore throat that went away pretty quickly. That's some seriously scary shit man. Most of us semi-young folks are worried about contracting COVID-19 so I can't imagine what it was like to test positive as an 80 year old. Contracting coronavirus at the age of 80 and making it through honestly feels like a miracle given all the stories we've heard about what the virus does to older people. Jack and Barbara must feel very very very lucky indeed to have had such mild symptoms. Thankfully they both made full recoveries. Pretty crazy stuff.

Oh and remember when Jack said earlier in the week that he'd shake hands with the winner? It's because he has the antibodies

We'll see what happens.