Kanye West Says He Wants Jay-Z To Be His Running Mate In The Presidential Race

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TMZ- Kanye West is already switching up his campaign -- saying he wants Jay-Z to get on the ticket with him as his VEEP ... despite having already named a running mate. Ye made the revelation Sunday before his attention-grabbing rally in South Carolina, telling a local blogger how he realized Jay should be his VP. There are, of course, a couple of big hurdles to this pairing becoming reality ... and candidate West addressed them.

First off, Michelle Tidball ... the Wyoming preacher who is currently his running mate. Kanye says she told him she'd be down to take another position in his cabinet if he found a different running mate.

Secondly -- and Ye says it himself in the interview -- he hasn't spoken to Jay in a long while now but in his eyes ... that's a good thing because it proves they're really "brothers" and bonded for life. Unclear if Jay-Z has responded to the request, but Kanye says he's put it out there.

If Kanye is going to continue with this Running For President charade to boost album sales, I sure as hell am going to continue to blog about it to boost pageviews. All in the #content game, right? Ye makes an extra couple million in straight cash homie from all this hullaballoo and I get to see a couple of blogs reside in the Barstool Top 5 for a bit. Do I have a better chance at becoming President with Jay-Z as my running mate after Mr. West's first public statements on his campaign?

Lets send it to Jay-Z on whatever tropical island him and Beyonce own for comment:

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Yikes. I'm pretty sure Watch The Throne 2 isn't going to be renamed Watch The White House anytime soon since Shawn Carter strikes me much more as a President type than a Vice President for a guy rambling at the moon type (Source: Pretty much everything Jay-Z has ever done). However, if Jiggaman can go from selling drugs on the corner to a billionaire, I wouldn't put a successful run for President past him, especially with the Beyhive on his side. Political Twitter may be an absolute firefight every single minute of every single day. But nobody on the bird is ready for the wrath of the Beyhive. 

Despite everything I just said, the future President and Vice President of the United States having a music video like this years before they took office would be pretty awesome.

P.S. If I ever run for President, I will make sure to save a spot on the ticket for Michelle Tidball. Having the self awareness to gracefully bow out from running for VP to a cabinet position is the kind of political savvy that way too many politicians lack these days.