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Thank You, Duggs: A Look Back at the Top 10 Memorable Moments of Gus Duggerton’s Career

It all started on March 19th. Once all real sports were canceled, nobody knew what to do. That's when Big Cat decided to purchase an Xbox 360 along with NCAA Football 14. He chose to play the game mode that allowed him to create his own fictional coach to play with, which then led to the official creation of Gus Duggerton. 

Now, here we are, exactly four months later. After eight seasons, more than 100 games, and tons of memories later, Coach Duggs is hanging up the headset after tonight's BCS Title Game. With that, I thought it was appropriate to pay our respects to the legend himself by highlighting some of the best moments he has given to Duggs Nation. Keep in mind this is a list of memorable moments, so it is a healthy mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly. Away we go...

10. Perfect Season Bruined: UCLA comes out of nowhere to upset USC (Season III)

Just when we all thought Coach Duggs had turned a corner in his gaming skills, USC lost to UCLA in the regular season finale. The Bruins would become the first "true" rival for Coach Duggs, as he would lose to them in the season opener next season as well with Texas Tech.

9. Timeout Glitch of the Century (Season VIII)

This is actually the most recent memory, occurring at the end of regulation in Thursday night's SEC Title Game. With LSU and Kentucky tied at 20, the Tigers got into field goal range to give K PFT Commenter a chance to boot one through and win it. But then, the controller totally betrayed Coach Duggs. Luckily, it didn't matter in the end, but it still gave us an unreal Rage Cat moment.

8. USC BCS Title Snub (Season III)

Despite the aforementioned loss to UCLA, Coach Duggs and USC still managed to take care of business in the Pac-12 Title Game to stay alive in the BCS Title Race. He thought he had done enough to get in, until South Carolina jumped from No. 9 to No. 2 out of nowhere. Understandably, Coach Duggs was LIVID!

7. Texas Tech loses to Baylor after Coach Duggs Gets bullied into playing on stream (Season IV)

There is no doubt who Coach Duggs' biggest rival has been throughout this eight-year journey: the haters. And boy, were they not happy to hear that Big Cat would not be playing Baylor on the stream. They were so mad that he eventually gave in and played the winless Bears, only to get embarrassed and end Texas Tech's title hopes.

6. Too Many Donuts, Too Many Edibles (Season IV)

The losses piled up at Texas Tech for Coach Duggs, as he faced a major wakeup call in his first head coaching gig. This left him no choice but to consume a plethora of donuts and an unhealthy number of edibles, which would put him into a "Donut and Edible Outpatient Facility." Luckily, he would make a full recovery. We should also mention Coach Duggs' heart attack recovery, while we are at it, as a "bonus" moment. The guy is a tank and nothing can take him down.

5. Virginia Tech smacks Tennessee in Coach Duggs' first ever BCS Title appearance (Season V)

The hype leading up to this game was unlike anything we had ever seen. And for the first time ever, a Coach Duggs stream had passed 100,000 viewers. But unfortunately for America's Coach, that was the highlight of the night. Virginia Tech crushed Tennessee in the big man's first ever BCS Title appearance, which eventually tore apart the Volunteer locker room. 

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4. Coach Duggs goes undefeated at Toledo, earns key to the city (Season VII)

With family being his priority, Gus Duggerton returned to where it all started for Year Seven: Toledo, OH. He had the unique opportunity to coach his son, Dilbert, in addition to having the chance to earn a key to the city if he could take the Rockets to the promised land. That is exactly what Coach Duggs did, going undefeated for the first time ever. 

3. Florida State finishes UConn with Hail Mary prayer (Season II)

If this were a chronological list, we would have our No. 1 moment right here. The Jameis Winston to Dusty Smith 57-yard connection to win the Fiesta Bowl was the first true "WOW" moment for Coach Duggs on the stream. DON'T WAKE THE BABY!!!

2. Tennessee beats Florida in an instant classic at The Swamp (Season V)

From a pure game standpoint, this is by far the most entertaining contest we have seen in Gus Duggerton's career. From the JoJo Smalls injury after a heroic kick return, to the Gators recovering an onside kick, and Smalls returning one to the house as well. Tennessee 45, Florida 42 on May 24th was just a rollercoaster ride unlike anything we have seen before. If we can get half of the game tonight compared to what this one was, it will be a tremendous way for Coach Duggs to go out.

1. Tennessee defeats Miami, Coach Duggs wins first ever BCS Title (Season VI)

An obvious choice for the top spot. After six seasons of ups, downs, touchdowns, and interceptions, Gus Duggerton finally reached the ultimate goal after deciding to return to Tennessee. Despite two early losses in the regular season, the Volunteers managed to run the table and defeat Miami on June 18th to win the BCS Title. 

There is only one thing left to do to finish off Gus Duggerton's career. Tonight at 9:07 PM ET, the LSU Tigers and West Virginia Mountaineers will face off in the 2020 BCS Title Game. Will Coach Duggs win his third crystal ball? We hope you can join us for the final game of his storied career.