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Kendall Jenner Posted A Picture Of Her In A Bikini By Some Mountains And Now People Think It's Her Confirming She's Dating Devin Booker

I'll be honest. I love how stupid this is because it's just peak Internet. For anyone else in our mid-30s we've seen the Internet at all stages of life and now we're seeing the investigative side of it where people will break down any picture, any video and find clues for whatever they are looking for. In the case of this picture from Kendall Jenner, it's her dating Devin Booker: 

Now you may say well it's just a bikini picture of Kendall Jenner in front of some mountains. But look again, thanks to TMZ for pointing this out, it's the same Arizona mountain range that Devin Booker was at a few weeks ago. Her caption says 'few weeks ago'. In the words of PMT, hmm.

Or you know, the fact that they got busted going on a road trip together during quarantine: 

Or getting caught on a date together: 

It just goes to show that Devin Booker is destined to be a Knick like the rumors are saying. You can't be cool on the Suns until the Suns go back fulltime to the 90s jerseys and get Steve Nash back in town. Those are the only two ways to be cool on the Suns. This version of the Suns? Not cool, even if you're dating Kendall Jenner - who, let's be honest is a smoke. You're lying if not. 

And as I said before, good for Devin Booker, because here are the pictures and the reason why you clicked: