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Weekend Wake Up: The Best Scenes From Brink!

Brink! will go down as the best aggressive inline skating move EVER, and you really can't debate it. Willing to bet a ton of readers would watch this movie, lace up their skates, head outside and try and race around the neighborhood pretending to be a Soul Skater, I know I sure as hell did. This movie had it all, the budding rivalry between high school enemies, the storyline to tug at your heartstrings, the strong female character who wasn't afraid to throw verbal jabs at the boys, the conflict between friends, and of course the cheating scandal during the big race. Brink! may have been the first movie I watched where I remember absolutely hating one of the characters. Fuck Val. Val was such a hateable character, and I was also today years old when I found out the guy who played Val also played Spike in Little Giants. No one liked Val, literally no one. We all hated the X-Bladz too. The movie did have some classic 90s transition scenes, slow mo scenes, and some of the best lingo you'll ever hear. "Lets blade, brah!" And of course we got our happy ending. Soul Skaters 4 life.