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Conor McGregor Seems To Be Enjoying Retirement


Hell yeah, Conor! I don't believe the man when he says he's retired, but weed is certainly tight...yeah, weed is tight....

….so good for him! I'm happy for the man!

Honestly, though, if he wants to try some real shit, he's gotta get his hands on some of this 3Chi shit Barstool has been shilling. I swear to you - Delta 8 THC is the truth. It will send you ZOOMIN real quick. Edibles, vapes, whatever - all of it has me seein stars in the best possible way. Go buy yourself somethin at (if you're 21+), use the promo code BASEMENT for 5% off, and enjoy.

P.S. I sat next to the guy who handed him the lighter in the friends and family section at the Khabib fight. That's one of his main bodyguards. Great lad.