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Weekend Throwback Wake Up: Alex Ovehckin Hitting A Hole In One

I totally forgot about the best hockey player of all time also being the greatest golfer of all time. Not too shabby of a resume being put together by Ovi, leading the league in goals about a million times, and the hole in one is basically the cherry on top. How many other people can borrow clubs, head out to a par 3, and in their first time on a golf course hit a hole in one? Did Wayne ever do that? Did Jordan ever do that? Did Tiger ever do that? Negative. The guy just has a knack for putting something in a hole or goal. You see the intensity in those practice swings? Remarkable. What's ever better than the actual hole in one, which we conveniently don't see, is the celebration. "Tiger where are you?" Ovi screams. And then he acts like everyone else who has ever hit a hole in one. Yelling from the green to anyone who will listen. You think he acts like a child when he scores a goal? Now picture him celebrating a literal once in a lifetime accomplishment. Willing to bet Sid doesn't have any holes in ones. Ovi is such a legend. Speaking of legends, Banks and I were lucky enough to be included in a Golf Tournament last week that was maybe the coolest thing I've ever been apart of. My buddy Johnny at Jimmy's Famous Seafood here in Baltimore held their 13th annual golf tournament and raised over $45,000 for some great charities, the Brigance Brigade Foundation, Loyola Blakefield, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and Safe Alternatives. While I did not hit a hole in one like Ovi did, Banks played his ass off and helped rep the stool for our scramble group. We also played a 14 year old on one hole and the kid stuck it within 6 inches, that would have been the best part if it wasn't for the insane amount of money raised for some great charities. Had a great time out there, those guys do it the right way.

PS. Ravens defensive coordinator Wink Martindale was at the tourney and we asked him if we're getting football this season, he said he thinks so. Thats all I needed to hear.