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A News Anchor's Tooth Falling Out on Live TV Takes Us Into the Weekend

NBC New York - A Ukrainian news anchor kept her cool when she caught her tooth as it fell out of her mouth while she was on the air.

Marichka Padalko took to her Instagram page to share the clip of the incident, which aired on the country’s TSN channel.

“This is probably my most curious experience in twenty years as a presenter. Live broadcasting is wonderful because it is always unpredictable,” she wrote.

Padalko proved to be the consummate professional by continuing to read the news.

This is more than just being "the consummate professional." This is the very definition of grace under fire. Of the kind of physical and mental toughness and committing to duty that these eyes have ever seen. This is Walt Frazier scoring 36 with 19 rebounds in the Finals with torn thigh muscle. Joe Montana throwing the winning touchdown in the Chicken Soup Game. Michael Jordan playing through 102 degree temperature. Gregory Campbell of the Bruins finishing a penalty kill on a broken leg. This is having the guts to finish the job at all costs, even if it means dying in the attempt. 

As you head off into the weekend, let Marichka Padalko's courage be an inspiration. By God, this Ukranian Veronica Corningstone can drink from my canteen and read my news any time.