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Book Recommendation: Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski

I finished reading this book Ham on Rye by Charles Bukowski a few days ago and I wanted to recommend it to anyone who enjoys reading or is looking to get into reading in the near future. 

One of my friends recommended the book to me and it's only $12 on amazon so I decided to give it a read. 

This book was honestly extremely entertaining, it's about Charles Bukowski's life growing up during the Great Depression in Los Angeles. It's not really about the Great Depression though, that's just when it takes place. Most of the book is made up of simple stories from his life where he talks about things like his crazy parents, getting into fist fights, playing sports, and becoming an alcoholic at a young age. The book starts with him as a child and progresses into him as a young adult. It has a very similar style to the movie "Boyhood" but just a lot more raunchy, entertaining, and funny. 

There are three books in this series but it doesn't really matter what order you read them in. Personally, I started with Ham On Rye and now I'm currently reading Post Office which is about his life working as a mail man. The last book in the series is called Women and it's basically just about his sexual experiences with women, however I have not started that one yet. 

The book was extremely easy to hop into and it was literally the only book I've ever sat down with and read for hours on end without even looking at my phone. I read the book in less than a week and enjoyed it thoroughly.  

Again, i've always had a hard time finding a good book that I actually enjoyed and could get around to really reading, but this one was quite easy for me. Although books are for pussies, I definitely recommend it. 10/10.