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Only Click This Blog If You Want Your Entire Weekend Ruined By A Tiger Woods Quote

Jesus CHRIST man. That quote from Tiger Woods hit me like a ton of bricks. Ruined my whole weekend before it even started. I'll be thinking about the words, "I'm just trying to hold on" before I close my eyes tonight. That's some dark shit. Not the words you want to be hearing from the greatest golfer of all time, or from anyone for that matter. Those are the words of a man who has thought long and hard about how much he doesn't enjoy aging and how much it fucking sucks actually. I picture Tiger sitting in a rocking chair on his front porch staring off into the distance and thinking," Aging is not fun." 

To provide some context for that quote, Tiger shot a 76 today at the Memorial tournament and is currently waiting to see if the cut line moves to +3 so he can play the weekend. He had a bad, no good, downright terrible round out there today that was only saved by back-to-back birdies and an impressive par over his final three holes. During his post-round press conference Tiger talked a lot about how his body didn't feel as loose as he'd like during his morning warm up and how quite frankly there's gonna be more days like that than days where his body feels great. And that all makes sense, our guy is getting older by the day. That's just science. He's 44 years old (turning 45 in December) and has had more back and knee surgeries than some professional football players. His body is just gonna suck some days.

I know in my heart of hearts that all of that is true, that Tiger's healthiest days are well behind him, but I did not need him to put it so bluntly in his post-round press conference today. I needed him to say that he just didn't feel 100%, that he hopes to play the weekend and that the sun will come out tomorrow. Instead we got words of doom and gloom that I will spend the rest of the day trying to forget.