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I Have One Question About This Bunker Shot From Tony Finau: How?

I lied. I have more than one question but my first question is how the hell did Tony Finau do that? That's fucking absurd. The stance, the position, the lack of green to work with, absurd. My other question is how does Tony Finau only have one win on the PGA Tour? That's legit baffling. Everybody knows he has a tendency to get oh so close to winning tournaments and then comes up just short but the fact that he doesn't have more trophies in his trophy case is a crime given his level of talent. I will say, as I'm typing this he is in the lead so maybe he notches win #2 this week at Muirfield Village.

Tony did have some interesting comments yesterday after his round at the Memorial regarding his game and how Bryson DeChambeau has inspired him 

Finau also explained that what DeChambeau has accomplished motivated him to focus on his own power game.

“It no doubt inspired me. I don’t think what he’s doing is rocket science but it’s executing at that speed. Being able to see him swing that fast and hit it that straight got me thinking a little bit,” Finau said. “I tried it out there on a couple of drives and was able to execute, so I think I’m going to start putting them into my game.”

That's super interesting and shows the impact Bryson's power game is already having on other guys on Tour. We joked with Nate Bargatze when he came on Fore Play about what if Finau decided to take a full swing instead of a half swing and now it sounds like he's going to do just that. Will be very interesting to watch.