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Old Man Calls 911 - Threatens to "Waste" 20 Kids at Neighborhood Party

Anthony Ninham Schuler, a 57-year-old from Yulee, Florida, called the cops last Thursday night to tell the 911 dispatcher that he was going to waste about 20 kids that were at a house party in his neighborhood.  In case the dispatcher didn't understand, Schuler kindly clarified by saying “I’m about to waste about 20 of them right now, I’m going to kill a bunch of kids.”  And as if that wasn't helpful enough, Schuler suggested the dispatcher send officers over there now, before he gets there first. 

Taking him up on his suggestion, Police were sent to the neighborhood immediately, and without an address for the Schuler, they thought it'd be best to go right to the party.  Once on scene, officers questioned the homeowner, who pointed them in the direction of a house across the street that they've had issues with before.  While attempting to locate the occupants of the house across the street, officers got information from dispatch that the call had actually come from inside the house of the party. 

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Officers returned to the original house and began to question the woman who initially answered the door.  When she looked around and didn't see her father outside at the party, she began to put the pieces together... The woman and police officers deduced that her father was the 911 caller, and began to search the home.  

Taking every precaution for a threat like this, officers moved slowly and with purpose.  Once upstairs, they were drawn to a bedroom and approached.  It was there that they found Schuler "very intoxicated", gripping the phone, and laying on the bed.  Thankfully, he had no guns with him and was completely immobilized from the booze, but officers still arrested Schuler for the threat and for the misuse of the 911 emergency call system.  

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