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Meyers Leonard And Jordan Clarkson Called Each Other Out, So We Finally Got Our First Head To Head Beer Shotgun Challenge In The Bubble

Fuck. Yes. This is the most alive I've felt watching anything related to basketball since the first half of the Big East Tournament game that somehow was played. Just holding onto the fact that hey, maybe we just play out the Big East Tournament and that's the winner. But now we have bubble life and bubble life is adult summer camp with rules. However, one of those rules does not include shotgunning beers with your boys. I've been all over this and now we're starting to get what I want. Remember, this started with JJ Redick and the Bubble Life Twitter account: 

It's become the best content outside of Dwight Howard getting the snitch hotline called on him and partying by himself. After Redick completed his shotgun, we moved onto Meyers Leonard, who issued a challenge to anyone in the bubble: 

We immediately had Jordan Clarkson responding

Fast forward to yesterday and we have Jordan Clarkson (and Royce O'Neale) shotgunning some tallboy Corona's 

And that's how we get a Meyers Leonard/Jordan Clarkson matchup. I said it before but really every team should have to send a representative for a shotgun challenge. Give me a playoff with seedings and shit - Leonard gets the 1 seed obviously. You can't call yourself the Big Hammer and not get the 1 seed. Rules are rules here people. But why not? These guys are just hanging out for a little bit and practicing. Give us some competitiveness off the court in the bubble.