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Zach Werenski Looks Like He's Going To Be Living At The Hotel Bar Just Deleting Bud Heavies When The NHL Returns

Zach Werenski hasn't even heard of the term "unleaded" before. The man is strictly diesel only. I'm pretty sure the Blue Jackets didn't even get him a room at the hotel in Toronto. They figure he'll either just pass out at the hotel bar every night or he'll sleep in the bed of a pickup truck in the parking lot. 

I need Werenski to break out the first pair of denim gloves in the NHL. Go with some denim gloves, and maybe just bolt on some blades to the bottom of a pair of work boots. I can see him now just ripping some darts in the parking lot of Scotiabank Center while walking around in his skates without any guards on. Quick shotgun before heading back onto the bench, hopping over the boards and unloading a clapbomb from the point on the powerplay. Hits the net 1 out of every 5 shots just to pay homage to Fulton Reed. 

Certified beaut. American Made.