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"College Education Is A Racket"--Peter Schiff On The Joe Rogan Experience Talking About Student Loan Debt

My reaction when a real adult in finance breaks down and slams the student debt crisis in a way that wasn't taught to me in school

Now, look...if you are familiar with Peter Schiff then you know that he basically HATES everything. Perpetual bear. The sky is always falling. A sworn enemy of the DDTG mission statement. I am pretty sure he is still running a cash for gold scheme. Having said that he has been right on two GIANT things. He was screaming into a microphone to anyone who would listen about the subprime mortgage bubble all the way back in 2005. He wasn't featured in The Big Short so nobody really knows about him unless you are a pretty hardcore Joe Rogan guy or if you're into finance, I assume. The second thing he's been bang on about is this student debt crisis. It absolutely is a crisis and Covid-19 quarantines are shining a light on what a scam it is. He is wrong about one aspect of this rant though...for nearly all office type jobs you can't get in the door without finishing a bachelors degree. If you apply online and your resume doesn't have a BS B.S. then you're not getting an interview. That is just the way it is. It's a piece of paper worth as much as $200k that you'll likely be paying back as an indentured servant to the government forever, but it's the price of admission to a life after college where you can hopefully earn a decent living. If people want this problem to be solved they need more businesses to hire like Dave Portnoy does it. He doesn't care if you're clearly lying about dropping out of school to work for Barstool(infinity month trial Ethan) or if you went to Harvard or somewhere in between. It's play or can't play. That's it. Will you work, will people consume your content. That should be more widespread. You don't necessarily need a marketing degree to work in marketing. You definitely don't need a degree to be good in sales. Unless you're a doctor or an engineer or have some tangible skill, college is a fucking waste of time and money that is also absolutely necessary by market standards. Schiff and other people saying similar things need to put their money where their mouths are and start hiring people without degrees and push to change this landscape.